Friday, August 3, 2012

Francisco Pizarro life Project

Sorry about not putting the picture but i couldn't find a way to do it so i just posted the link.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Giorgione the Italian Painter Hw

                The Italian artist that i will be talking about is a artist that was born in 1485 just
out side of  Venice.He was named Giorgione. His paintings are amazing is what many people say but he only made no more thar six paintings. One of the works definitely attributed to him is the "Madonna and Saints" of 1503. He got to meet Titian who was also apprenticed to Bellini. The names of some of his paintings were Madonna and Saints, The Tempest, The Concert ChampĂȘtre and Sleeping Venus. Thies were one of his most famouse drawings.

                 This artist was very important because he contributed to art and in my opinion
his art was amazing because he really put detail in it. His paintings were really nice and i could tell that it took him a lot of hard work and dedication. I would of bought one of his paintings because i really liked them. He has pictures about saints, and deseases. My favorite master piece of his is the one called "Madonna and Saints". So yes, in my opinion his paintings were beatiful.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Medici family

So the Medic family was a  the most powerful family in Italy. But before they became the most powerful family they very weak. The Medic family was located in Italy. The Medic family lived in a really competitive life. They were very important  to the churches because they made all the desitions and arguments and they were Catholic.  I think that they were good because there were tickets to hell or pass so they decided to do the correct thing. My opinion is that they were nice to people or had a possitive impact on people because they were catholic and they were religiouse and they were sharing there money.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The fall of the Inca empire

                                                         The fall of the Inca empire

                   The way the empire go destroyed was because it expanded their 
empire in a way similar to the Aztecs. Is they wanted more land they would send a representative to meet the owner of that tribe.But is they didn't want to there would be a war which each other. The Inca empire expanded big time from what is know known a Chile all the way to Ecuador. When other tribes united they had to build a  sun temple for them. They could still have there gods but they would have to believe in there god still.

                    Days past and in the 1530s the Incas thought that they ruled 
most of the world. But then smallpox spread down from the north and started killing many Incan people and that when they noticed that they weren't a lone.Pizarro was friends with Cortes and had spent 30 years fighting against the native people of Mesoamerica. Francisco Pizarro and 160 other adventurers came up the hills into the Inca's territory because he wanted to go through his ways in life. The Inca tried to ignore Pizarro at first, but he just wouldn't go away. Pizarro invited the Inca ruler to a meeting and he was captured because his men had no weapons so they couldn't fight. Pizarro asked for gold so that he would let him go,the Inca ruler gave it to him but it was just a trick he never let him go because he supposedly mad a crime. And that's how the empire of Inca empire fell.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Historical Fiction Narrative

                        I am a very poor person in needs, i am called a slave.
Many people don't care about me but my family and i love my family because they help a lot. Many higher rack slaves are sacrificed to the gods. I am one of those slaves. There are some slaves that are regular people that turn into slaves for any reason, maybe for not paying bills and things like that Good thing that never happened to me.
                       One sad thing about us is that some slaves were already born as
    slaves because of who they were born, we are treated with no respect. I wish i was a higher class at least a peasants.Well some slaves were not treated poorly but were being sacrificed but most people were happy. But one thing that makes me mad is that use slaves are not free to do nothing. But some slaves lived better than peasants but a least got got to be free. Well that's what bothers me so bye.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cyber bullying is one sad thing that i wish that would never exists. It is agenced the law to cyber bully someone. I can coughs you and your family. Cyber bulling is when someone makes fun of you or called you names online or in the internet. This could cause a victim to probably suicide or be sad for ever. Pleas e stop cyber bulling!