Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Historical Fiction Narrative

                        I am a very poor person in needs, i am called a slave.
Many people don't care about me but my family and i love my family because they help a lot. Many higher rack slaves are sacrificed to the gods. I am one of those slaves. There are some slaves that are regular people that turn into slaves for any reason, maybe for not paying bills and things like that Good thing that never happened to me.
                       One sad thing about us is that some slaves were already born as
    slaves because of who they were born, we are treated with no respect. I wish i was a higher class at least a peasants.Well some slaves were not treated poorly but were being sacrificed but most people were happy. But one thing that makes me mad is that use slaves are not free to do nothing. But some slaves lived better than peasants but a least got got to be free. Well that's what bothers me so bye.

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