Monday, April 23, 2012

The fall of the Inca empire

                                                         The fall of the Inca empire

                   The way the empire go destroyed was because it expanded their 
empire in a way similar to the Aztecs. Is they wanted more land they would send a representative to meet the owner of that tribe.But is they didn't want to there would be a war which each other. The Inca empire expanded big time from what is know known a Chile all the way to Ecuador. When other tribes united they had to build a  sun temple for them. They could still have there gods but they would have to believe in there god still.

                    Days past and in the 1530s the Incas thought that they ruled 
most of the world. But then smallpox spread down from the north and started killing many Incan people and that when they noticed that they weren't a lone.Pizarro was friends with Cortes and had spent 30 years fighting against the native people of Mesoamerica. Francisco Pizarro and 160 other adventurers came up the hills into the Inca's territory because he wanted to go through his ways in life. The Inca tried to ignore Pizarro at first, but he just wouldn't go away. Pizarro invited the Inca ruler to a meeting and he was captured because his men had no weapons so they couldn't fight. Pizarro asked for gold so that he would let him go,the Inca ruler gave it to him but it was just a trick he never let him go because he supposedly mad a crime. And that's how the empire of Inca empire fell.

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